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Sound Equipment


Murray Town Entertainment is a Professional Music Recording Studio in Lexington County, South Carolina. We offer an impressive array of production and recording services, state-of-the-art equipment, a large studio and over 40 years of expertise to help you create a quality production equivalent to those found in major cities. From solo artists, groups, bands, music groups, and marketing firms, we offer an array of audio and video recording services and recording Packages to meet your needs and budget.   Give us a call today to discuss!



Tom Taylor has traveled for 40 years full-time as lead guitarist/vocalist for Lou Rawls, Leon Everette, and Contemporary Christian Artist "Malachi".  Tom now owns and operates Murray Town Entertainment recording Studio in Lexington County, SC. 

Tom has been recording and producing artists for over 40 years now. With his experience and knowledge of the Music Industry, his goal is to help navigate artists in the right direction in their careers. His goal is to help the artist achieve their dreams in the Music Industry. Tom has worked with top Nashville producers like Bill McDermott, Kent Wells, Dave Fowler, Michael Sykes and Nick Bruno to name a few.  Whether it's Country, Rock, Blues, Christian Music, Pop music, Rap, etc.  Murray Town Entertainment can offer artists that Nashville sound without going and paying Nashville prices.  With my past experience I know what Artist are looking for and can help you achieve that sound. We use local and Nashville musicians on all of our recordings.   Or you can bring your own music tracks if you don't have your own band. So please give us a call to discuss when you are ready to record your next project



         A&R DIRECTOR

Prevo Rodgers has been in the music business for 30 years. He has worked and co-produced with different producers in Nashville. One song Prevo co-wrote and co-produced was considered for a Grammy award nomination. Prevo was nominated and made it to the final voting round as ‘Producer of the Year’ for the Nashville Universe Awards. Prevo is a member of the International Singer Songwriter Association, the Country Music Association and has worked with many country music artists over the years.


Prevo now heads up our A&R department. He is working with all of our “HWY. ONE RECORDS” and “CEDAR GROVE MUSIC GROUP” artists. Prevo also heads up our new Booking Agency division which handles bookings for our label artists.




Crystal McMinn grew up on a farm in the delta of Arkansas so she considers herself just a southern country gal. From a very young age music has been a very important part of my life. My mother listened to country music all her growing up years. As she grew into my teenage years She started listening to different genres of music such as folk, rock, bluegrass, Gospel and blues as well as country. Music was and will always be a vital part of who she is . A few years ago I was privileged to become a very good friend with a man that had incredible talent with an amazing singing voice. He had a dream to have a singing career and she had the opportunity to help him with his dream. Although he decided to take another path she loved every minute of being a part of the music she loved as well as helping someone. Crystal is very excited with this new opportunity to serve as Director of Promotions with Murray Town Entertainment with the same passion and love for music and helping other Artists get the exposure they deserve and achieve their dream. As Director of Promotions her duties include handling Radio Promotions and working with Tom Taylor and Prevo Rodgers to promote our label artist.



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Carter has been working with Murray Town Entertainment for the past two years as an audio engineer.  Carter trained under the supervision of Tom Taylor and has gained a lot of hands on experience working in the studio here at Murray Town Entertainment and in studios in Nashville, TN.  Carter's goal is to be one of the best engineers in the industry and to also be a session player as well.  Carter has been playing guitar for over 5 years and is developing his skills to start playing on sessions when he is not engineering sessions.

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